Trigger/Domain’s Superstar May 2012 Picture Gallery
Trigger/Domain’s Superstar May 2012 Picture Gallery

Trigger and Domain aim to bring you a new fresh flava to the scene, we call it SUPERSTAR. This month, we introduce our Superstar backdrop as shown by the pics it is a way of getting people posing with signs with hollywood names as if they were the usual suspects. Other hollywood gimmicks like the sunglasses were also visible.

The difference right now is that Mikey djed first instead of stan. Building the crowd up from slow Rnb to some classic hiphop then to some ghetto funk and then the commercial beats, the danceflo gradually built and became packed in no time. Stan took over at 2 and dropped some sick beats only to bring it back to classic hiphop to end the night with MC Gvoiz rocking the crowds to raise their hands up and scream. Special appearance by DJ Schizo from Soul Menace to close the night, he dropped some indonesian tracks and even with the lights on, the crowd stayed intact at 4 and people were still singing, rapping and dancing away. We even had IWA K on the mic with his classic track Malam Ini Indah. One of those memorable nights again from Trigger and Domain.

Next month watch out for our special edition White Party where we’re going to cover Domain with UV Black Lights to close off Superstar before Puasa.

Here are some pics from May’s Superstar. Enjoy!

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