Trigger goes to Bandung – Mansion Club May 2012
Trigger goes to Bandung – Mansion Club May 2012

From last year’s Trigger All Star invastion to Mansion in Bandung, comes the 2012 version with a smaller crew. Stan, Mikey, Gvoiz and Mistah went and showed the Bandung Party goers what we’re all about. Driving up to Bandung from Jakarta in an afternoon sesh, facing traffic and all that jazz, we managed to reach Bandung and get lost in he midst to try to find out hotel. After resting, we got to Mansion and it started to rain. Usually with the rain, it hinders the people to show up.

When we entered the club, it was still empty and its usually the case where people hang out in the corners being shy to dance. Stan came in and started strong and the dancefloor was packed instantly. It was a tough crowd with us DJs not knowing exactly what to drop but in the end we both pulled through. Gvoiz and Mistah alternatively pumped up the crowds with their voices and they proved to be a solid team. Mikey came in after Stan and dropped everything from dutch house, to rnb and even some tech and electro. The place was still packed even when Mikey finished and it was a highly successful night, given our circumstances with the rain.

Til the next one Bandung, we’ll be ready. Here are some pics from the night:

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