MC Dave Slick

Dave Slick is not only a multi-talented MC who can adapt and perform to any musical genre the DJ plays, he is also the ultimate global citizen, having been born in London, and lived in England, Germany, Spain, Thailand, the United States, and Slovakia.

Having been a member of the Trigger Family since early 2012, Dave Slick has performed and MC-ed for multiple prominent events, featuring some of the best and globally renowned DJ’s such as DJ Cash Money, Kimkat, DJ Koflow, DJ Rattle, and many more.

His top-notch skills have led him to a Paranaoia Awards nomination in the Uprising MC of the Year category in 2014, placing his name on the map of most valuable MC’s in today’s entertainment industry.

Adding to his list of talents are: songwriting, rapping, managing, and promoting. In fact, Dave Slick is also a member of ReQuest, a performance band, which he also manages and promotes.

Some of his latest achievements include musical collaborations with top artists such as Cinta Ramlan, Ryan Valentinus, Wizzy, and many more.

Today, Dave Slick can be found regularly at prestigious clubs in Jakarta, such as Blowfish, Dragonfly, and Fable; as well as clubs outside of Jakarta, including Mirror in Bali, Coyote in Surabaya, and E-plaza in Semarang.

With such experience and achievements, there is nothing that Dave Slick cannot tackle. For him, sky’s the limit.

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