DJ Kevin Adam

Kevin Adam is a Young Indonesian DJ who broke through the electronic dance scene in the middle of 2017.

Started his career in taking a DJing at Metronom DJ School Jakarta with Dudut DJ and Electronic Music Production at Farabi Electronic & DJ Education with Andezzz and Osvaldo Nugroho makes Him confidently going through the word of EDM. Experiences for the DJ Battle in many rounds, made Him obtained

Achievments for the following title:

  • 3rd Winner – IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Palembang 2017
  • 2nd Winner – ICEPERIENCE Cntrl-er DJ Battle, Jakarta 2018
  • 2nd Winner – IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Yogyakarta 2018
  • 1st Winner – IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia, Bali 2018
  • 3rd Winner – IAM DJ Hunt Indonesia National Final, Jakarta 2018
  • 1st Winner – International IAM DJ Hunt, Kuala Lumpur – Malaysia 2018
  • 7th Winner – World DMC Online DJ Championship, Round 3-2019
  • 2nd Winner – Red Bull 3Style Indonesia, Jakarta 2019

Skills in DJing not make him satisfied in EDM industry, at the beginning of the beginning of 2018 he released his first single “Learning for Beat” and the second single is “Remaja”.

Being a DJ and also as a Music Producer is his only passion. Kevin Adam remained consistent for his passion in Spinning and Music Production.