DJ Goatee

Teuku Reyhan Syah, better know as DJ Goatee was born and raised in Jakarta & Bandung, Indonesia. at age 14 he moved to Bandung to continue his high school studies. In 2004 he went college at the Bandung Institute of Technology and majoring in Geophysical Engineering and graduated in 2010 with a master degree.

Goatee started his DJing career in late 2005 as per sé influenced by the hip hop culture. He is the founder of “Mastamind Label” that was found back in 2005 in Bandung City and joined the Jakarta Based DJ Label “Trigger Production” in late 2015.

Goatee is significantly known for his turntablism skills such as scratching and beat juggling routines. What makes him so special is that he doesnt just make the crowd go wild with his scratching and juggling skills, but he also keeps them dancing without killing the groove by combining his scratching with a smooth music mix, all while he blends different types of genres.

Concentrating on major clubs in Indonesia, especially Bandung and Jakarta city, he’s also gone around Asia such as Vietnam and Guangzhou, China. Besides playing in clubs, he has also been participating in outdoor festivals. Many clubs and festivals has become the witness of his amazing unique performance.

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