DJ Akhdan

AKHDAN is an awesome DJ and has won the battles in various DJ competition. Born and raised in Jakarta, he brings fresh flavor as a junior DJ and always ahead with a surprise at every appearance.

AKHDAN’s DJ career began when he followed PIONEER DJ battles in junior high school. He wants to call himself a name that stands out from the others, and chose the name to describe his personality. Practicing in Bluejack DJ Course, he pursue da career as a DJ battle and followed several competitions such a se7entune next generation DJ contest (3rd ranking and favorite DJ), and IDP FLEXY Dance Terror (1st national ranking).

AKHDAN always tries to follow the new trends, and aims to get a good response from the people and the owner of clubs where he plays. Akhdan has superb knowledge about technical equipment (turntables, cd players, mixers audio), he’s highly flexible and can easily learn new tools and tricks in the djing world.


Soul, HipHop, R&B, OldSkool, Nuskool, DanceHall, Bmore, MashUp, House, Electro



  • 1st Winner Flexy Dance Terror DJ Battle Indonesia 2011
  • Favorite DJ Se7entune DJ contest 2010
  • 3rd Winner Se7entune DJ Contest 2010
  • 4th ranking Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Indonesia 2011

Club Gigs:

Immigrant, Blowfish, Dragonfly, Fable, Prive, Moovina, Equinox, X2, Umbra, Casa, Domain, 365, Bibliotheque, O!club, Kamasutra, Indochine, Tribeca NYC, Lucro, Imperium, Mansion, Majahouse, Embassy bdg, many more…

Guest DJ and Opening ACT:

  • Opening act DJ CZA (KL)
  • Opening act DJ Mike Hyper (AUS)
  • Opening act DJ Biggie (AUS)
  • Opening act DJ Flipsta (AUS)
  • Guest DJ glow event at Tribeca, and B2B with DJ SCHIZO at Equinox
  • Guest DJ glitz event at Fable, Prive, O!club
  • Guest DJ mrmcprod event at Fable
  • Guest DJ groove event at Prive
  • Many More

Outside Club

  • Kratingdaeng & Focus entertainment Powerdance 2013 ( 15 Cities)
    • Bandung, Jogjakarta, Surabaya, Bali, Pekanbaru, Palembang, Medan, Padang, Pontianak, Banjarmasin, Balikpapan, Makassar,  Manado, Botabek, Jakarta
  • Event Grand Final Kratingdaeng & Focus entertainment Powerdance 2012 at Central Park
  • DJ for League & Focus entertainment Battle PRJ 2012
  • DJ for BBOY competition at Plaza Festival 2012
  • DJ for new year eve 2013 at Plaza Festival
  • DJ for REVIVAL 5 2012 (81SHS big event) at Tennis Indoor Senayan
  • DJ for REVIVAL 3 2010 (81shs big event) at Tennis Indoor Senayan

Official DJ for Rapper and Band:

  • Official DJ for BAGINDO
    • At Bekasi mall DEC 2012
    • At JakCloth Festival 2012
    • Launching Album at 365 FEB 2013 (official dj for some rapper)
  • Official DJ for J’FLOW
    • 8-11 Show Metro TV
    • Mini Concert at Lucro FEB 2013
    • Grand Final kratingdaeng & Focus 2012 at Central Park
    • HUT SESKOAL at Ancol 2012
    • Hai Magz event at EX Plaza Indonesia DEC 2012
    • League & Focus Battle Grand Final at PRJ 2012
  • Official DJ for 7KURCACI
    • New Year Eve 2012 in Purwokerto
  • Official DJ for IBEL Mustang (until now)


  • 8-11 Show METRO TV
  • Powerdance KOMPAS TV
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