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Pictures from Triggerville @ Equinox Jakarta


Pictures from the recent Trigger Production gig “TriggerVille” @ Equinox Jakarta. It was the first time I spun at Equinox since I’ve been back and I mixed some commercial with some old skool and classic jamz. It was a dope night, with a dope set from Stan, Izl, Baip and Ethnic with our MCs Gvoiz […]

‎”TriggerVille” Thurs, July 21st @EQUINOX, Jakarta.

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Posted on July 20, 2011 by admin @ 12:30 PM

‎”TriggerVille” We’ll be rockin HipHop, RnB, Soul, Nu Soul, Funk, Classics, Bmore (Not too much of the Commercial MTV Shit!) Thurs, July 21st 10 Onw @EQUINOX, Jakarta. Rockin the One & Two’s.. @djethnic @StanKreelekamp @mikeymoran81 @_izl_ @djbaip. Rockin the MIC @M1STAH & @Gvoiz NO REQUEST!!!

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