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Liberto Guerra Maria da Costa A.K.A “GeraMar”, Mixed Timor Leste and Surabaya Breed, was born at Surabaya and moved to Bali in 2001. His love of music has started since he was a kid, the first instrument he played at the age of 6 years was a drum made from several kitchen pots in his house and played it while watching Michael Jackson’s and Guns n Roses concert on tv. Rewarded with a pirated CD containing songs from blink 182, rage against the machine, and a song from eminem titled the real slim shady by his brother made him very happy but dropped for music are initiated by rock, hip hop and rnb. Then his flavor stretched into world Urban and Electronic Dance music.

Geramar start his first DJ career in the middle year of 2011 introduced by a friend at high school, learning for his friend and his brother for 1 months, after that they lost contact because they separate by distance and too busy for collage, and that’s the start he addict to DJing. Due to collision of funds he could not follow the learning DJ from the institution which is mostly and the trend in that year all those who want to be able to play dj must go to school dj. So he find another way and he learn by watching many DJ in town and he make friends with them which GeraMar got a lot of knowledge that he need and youtube for sure.

Now he already rocking many club and in events in town and some outside town. He also already play in the middle of Ultra Music Festival at Cube Stage Marlboro in 2016 which is make that performance be the unforgettable one of him, because it’s the first time he could play in International dance music festival.

His love of music and art of DJing itself makes him always want to learn and seek knowledge from various sides and show how beautiful the art of music and dj is by combining all the genres that exist. GeraMar always implements his music with the soul. He always gives his best every time he plays it.

Current Genre:
Hip Hop, RnB, Funk, Soul, Dancehall, Twerk, Trap, House, Electro.


  • Mint, Bali (Past)
  • Fashion TV Love Bar, Bali (Past)
  • Headquarter Beach Club, Bali (Past)
  • Eden Club, Bali (Past)
  • LXXY (Currently)

International, Local Heroes Act & Support / Shared stage with:

  • What So Not
  • Moguai
  • Party Thieves
  • Slice N Dice
  • Kris Kross Amsterdam
  • Allura
  • Didi Han
  • Eone Cronik
  • Yoga Yin

Past Gigs and Venues Played:

  • Beer Basement, Jakarta
  • Backroom, Jakarta
  • Fabrik, Bandung
  • Taj, Yogyakarta
  • Platinum, Yogyakarta
  • Muse, Samarinda
  • Venice, Kupang
  • Ultra Music Festival Beach 2016, Bali
  • Independent Music Festival 2016 at Vue, Bali
  • Mirror Club, Bali
  • Pretty Poison, Bali
  • LaFavela, Bali
  • Envie, Bali
  • Red Ruby, Bali
  • Peekaboo, Canggu
  • House of Canggu
  • MalFunkTion, Seminyak
  • Luigi, Canggu Bali
  • Pizza boy x Rebel Food, Bali
  • Soka, Bali
  • LXXY, Bali
  • FlowHouse, Bali
  • Eden, Bali
  • HeadQuartes Beach Club, Bali
  • Eikon, Bali
  • Engine room Legian, Bali
  • ViAiPi, Bali
  • Track 9, Bali
  • 101 Legian, Bali
  • KOA Mavericks, Bali
  • Mint, Bali
  • Love Bar Fashion TV Hotel, Bali
  • OZ Discoland, Bali
  • Boshe VVIP Club, Bali
  • Port 8, Bali
  • Pirates Bay, Dewata Project Fest, Bali
  • Vue Beach Club, Dewata Project Fest, Bali
  • Beer House, Bali
  • Garden Groove, Bali
  • Coryka Beer Garden and cabanna Seminyak, Bali
  • Blue sapphire The stones, Bali
  • Soklat Bar, Bali
  • Doom Kitchen and Bar, Bali
  • Grandpa Bar Canggu, Bali
  • Park 23, Bali
  • Lippo Mall, Bali
  • Level 21, Bali
  • Beachwalk, Bali
  • Flaship Yamaha, Bali
  • X Nine, Bali
  • Walikota Cup 2015-2018, Bali
  • Citadines – SeaSky, Bali
  • Bu-Ba-Q’s, Bali
  • Sol House, Bali

Soclal Media:
Instagram: @Geramar_

Download Presskit DJ Geramar