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B.A.D is an alter ego of MC (Mic Controller or Master of Ceremony) called Aditya Dharma from Jakarta, Indonesia. Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia that also known as the hometown where the MC was born as “B.A.D”. He has been existed in the nightlife industry since September 2012.

It’s been more than 6 year that “B.A.D” got involved in dance music world. The MC has a big passion of electronic dance music in this era because he loves it so much and he always try to feel the passion and soul from the crowd.

Started out as crowd and music admirer, “B.A.D” has been started to kick out his career in just about 5 year and now he joined as a member of Trigger Production. He has got the experience to play on many events along with well known DJs at well-known clubs in Jakarta. He has been through many main gigs at some well- known big clubs in town such as Domain, Fable, Privé, Exodus, Umbra,Popular Mansion,TripleNine and more. Some of the gigs including the club Pool Party at Media Hotel Gunung Sahari and also out of Jakarta, Mithas Cirebon,Barcode Makassar,The Level Makassar,Cornerclub Manado,BosheVVIP Jogja ,Coyote Surabaya and also Mirror Club Bali. B.A.D was performed with Stan, Dj W.w, Pdouble, Dj Bone,Dj Kartika Ayu,Dj Pixie, Dj Freya, Dj Goldie Emeralda, Dj Adhe Bachtiar/Devarra, Dj Hogi Wirjono, Mahesa Utara, Winky Wiryawan, Six Pratama, Dipha Barus, Dmust Akira, PJoana, Whisnu Santika, Harish and also performing with International DJ like Bear Grilzz and Walshy Fire of Major Lazor. And now he’s about to joining Fable All In Jakarta as Resident MC’s

Social Media & Contact Person

Snapchat: adityadharma
Instagram: http://instagram.com/mcb.a.d

Download Presskit MC B.A.D