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Emmanuel Septhian Putra Ante also known as Nuel Ante, born on September 15th 1989 in Palembang; Indonesia then moving to Jakarta at age 2.

Nuel Ante interest in Dj’ing started in 2003 (14 years of age), specialising in RnB & Hip-Hop, during his schooling years DJ’ing was more part time & a hobby, playing in small events such as Weddings; Birthday Parties; Company Gatherings etc; then having to stop in 2007 as he attended University in Singapore. In 2014 Nuel Ante took up DJ’ing as a profession full time performing his first come back show in Foundry (Club in Jakarta). In 2016 Nuel Ante went to New York to attend Scratch DJ Academy to get a feel of the scene while improving in his technical skills.

Nuel Ante’s passion in Dj’ing has lead him to playing all around Indonesia, playing in events such as Peaches and Cream, Fooling Around, Cut and Clap and Selectah. Although his main genres are RnB & Hip-Hop; while playing regularly in places like Montys, Hatchi etc; he’s has expanded his genres to House, Twerk, Trap, Disco and more.

You can catch him playing around at his regular places in Montys, Hatchi, Foundry & HangOver.

Instagram: @nuelante
Twitter: @NuelAnte

Download Presskit DJ Nuelante