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Playing all over Indonesia, T-Sha waves the flag for one of Jakarta’s premier collectives DJ management Trigger Production and plays her blend of R&B, Hip Hop, House, Deep House and Electro at establishments such as Dragonfly, SKYE, Jenja, Mirror, etc and of course, the party that brought her name to the forefront – “IN EFFECT” at Lucy In The Sky.

Grinding since the early 2000’s – this dancer turned vocalist turned DJ never shies away from a challenge and always ready to solidify her spot in the scene further with her many offerings.

Establishing herself as a DJ in 2014, she has been spinning not only in Indonesia, but all around the globe such as Spain, Netherlands, Australia and other countries in Asia which got her crowned as R&B and Hip Hop DJ of The Year 2017 by Paranoia Awards.

Teaming up with a newcomer singer Nadhira Suryadi, T-Sha recently released her debut single “HOLY MOUNTAIN”, a song of love and longing, the lyrics ride over the intricate an upbeat track and perfectly reflects T-Sha’s Multi-Genre DJ sets dripping with Pop, R&B and Dancehall.

Download and listen to music Holy Mountain
Facebook: DJTSHA
Instagram: @t.shaaaaaa

Download Presskit DJ T-sha