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Download Presskit MC Keebo

In these days the one and only MC KEEBO. Also one of the TRIGGER’S talent goes by the real name of Dian Warunda MR. The love for music began at an early age when he was exposed to a vast variety of musical influences as a young boy growing up in the cosmopolitan and cultural melting pot of Bandung. His genuine love music at the age 18 has been remarkable and he developes him self by practicing and improvising.

His ability of improvising in music, technical skill and his charming personality have been turning heads throughout Bandung (Mansion, Embassy, Sobbers Bar, Nine Square, Maja House, Mox club, Kampung Gajah rave party), Jakarta (Dragonfly, Fable, Colloseum, Blowf1sh, Exodus, Domain, Umbra, etc), Medan (Entrance)

The future for MC KEEBO promises yet more success, as he keep taking breaths away from everyone on the dance floor.

For more info:
089627896762 (Arii Satrio)

Email : keebo@triggerproduction.com

Download Presskit MC Keebo