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Download Presskit DJ Putri Danizar

Putri Danizar has started to be a DJ in 2010 when she was very young in 13 years old. Exploring many genres on the dancing music scenes such as R&B HipHop, Electro, House, Twerk & Trap.

June 2010, She has graduated from SPINACH DJ SCHOOL with DJUNE (SPINACH), DJ Ari (SPINACH) and RIRI MESTICA. 2011 she advanced learning of Battle with DJ SLIDE at LaMusica DJ School and then she studies more scratch tricks with DJ GO3SLAN (Daydow/Equinox)

  • She is Under Glow Production & Trigger Production control
  • She has been perform at Indonesia Kids Nickeledeon Awards Global TV
  • She reached to the top ten of SE7ENTUNE Next Generation DJ Contest 2010 at Jakarta Convention Center.
  • Semi Finalist of RANE&O!Club DJ Battle.
  • TOP 5 Of Pioneer Digital DJ Battle Indonesia 2011
  • Finalist of Pazia Galaxy Symphony at FX Lifestyle
  • 1st Winner Dopespinner & Pioneer DJ Megamix Competition
  • Pensi at SMA 48 Jakarta, SMA 3 Tambun, SMA 6 Bekasi, SMA 13 Tj.priuk, SMA 2 Depok, SMK 48, SMK 41, SMK YADIKA, SMP 49, SMK SAHID, SMA 62 Jakarta, Gunadarma university night, Moestopo.
    • Global Gathering On tour with “STEVE AOKI” Jakarta
    • North Stereo Phoria Lapiazza Kelapa Gading
    • Goodbye High School Batam

Her awesome debutante‚Äôs in some music clubs around Jakarta such as X2, Equinox, Blowfish, Dragonfly, Foundry, Fable, Exodus, Umbra, Popular, Alibi, Lucy In The Sky, Diagonale, Prive, Fable, Qi Lounge, Bibliotheque, Immigrant, Score, Club 30, NO2, 999, Venue, Barcode, LUV’S Bar, O!Club, The Green, 2nd Floor, NiteFlight, Modjo, Tribeca NYC, NeMare, Entrance MEDAN, Goodbye high school SEMARANG, Zona Cafe MAKASSAR, Center Stage LAMPUNG, Ocarina BATAM, Jamz house KALIMANTAN, X-one BOGOR & Mox Club BANDUNG.

Youtube Channel: PUTRI DANIZAR
Instagram: @Putridanizar
Twitter: @Putri_danizar
Email: Putridanizar@Triggerproduction.com

Download Presskit DJ Putri Danizar