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First starting out in Boston, USA, DJ Mikey discovered his passion to DJ by buying used turntables from a college friend and practising at home. He then decided to attend the DJ Mix Academy in Fall 2003 for a class in An introduction to DJing. Through his dedication and compassion in DJing, he returned to Jakarta in April 2004 and has made his way to make his first appearance in Manna House in September only a few months later.

After a few gigs, Mikey joined his first DJ Label Trigger Production in 2005. His flexibility to spin various genres has earned him a competitive advantage over other djs in Jakarta but he remains at best with electro. Furthermore, he became the head of his label Trigger and he organized all its’ events and sponsorship programs as of July 2005 till January 2006, which led to many defining moments in his djing career. After making a name for himself, he has now co-created Danceflo Productions, a new management to push new styles and sounds for musical education in Indonesia.

Mikey’s first initial success can be exemplified by being the headline DJ in the biggest club in Bali, Double Six, in July ’07 where big names such as Tiesto, Fedde Le Grande, Tall Paul and many others have played in. At this time, Mikey has DJed in cities all around Indonesia including Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Pekan Baru, Makassar and Bali.



In January 2008, DJ Mikey has moved to San Francisco, CA to persue a new degree in new media in the Academy of Art. He first broke international grounds in his circuit with a crowd banging performance in Levende Lounge in San Francisco in July 2008. He has also headlined in Boardners in Hollywood, California and also broke new grounds in Mumbai, India for an exclusive electro set in one of the city’s prime clubs called Poison in the Bhandra area as well as in Singapore in Hacienda Lounge. The success of this gig led him to become a guest speaker at Future DJ Music Academy in Mumbai as well.

In December 2010, Mikey has returned to Indonesia, been endorsed by Brazilian Company Coconut Island and HTC Indonesia, he has just headlined in Bali with Michael Franti from San Francisco in new years eve 2010. In 2011, He opened for Ne-Yo and Far East Movement Concerts in front of 3000 people in Jakarta, Indonesia. In 2012, he has shared the stage with James Zabiela, Kelis and Gorillaz Sound System in GWK Bali, a monumental site where they’re building the biggest statue in the world, for the 5th Embassy Playground. At the end, he was the only DJ chosen to play in the Global Youth Forum made by the United Nations where we performed with Avicii, Timbaland and Agnes Monica.

Starting strong in 2013, he was the first of six DJs chosen to open for Swedish House Mafia for their ONE LAST TOUR here in Jakarta, Indonesia. Last year, he was selected as one of the main Indonesian DJs to open for Afrojack, Quintino, Angger Dimas and Crew in the JACKEDTOUR April 13th 2013 in Eco Park. He hopes to continue expanding his route and rocking dance floors both nationally and internationally. He has rocked internationally in cities such as Ho Chi Minh City, Mumbai, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, and Woobar in W Taipei. He hopes to continue expanding his route and rocking dance floors both nationally and internationally.

The many international artists DJ Mikey has shared the stage with:

  • Swedish House Mafia (One Last Tour) 2013
  • Felix Cartal (Canada) 2013
  • Avicii (Sweden) 2012
  • Timbaland (USA) 2012
  • Kelis (USA) 2012
  • Agnes Monica (Indonesia) 2012
  • Gorillaz Sound System (UK) 2012
  • James Zabiela (UK) 2012
  • Jay Smoove (USA) 2011
  • Far East Movment (USA) 2011
  • Ne-Yo (USA) 2011
  • Michael Franti (USA) 2011
  • Tall Sasha (USA) 2009
  • DirtyHertz (USA) 2009
  • Clubworxx (Germany) 2007
  • Erland Oye (USA) 2007
  • Joujouka (Japan) 2006
  • DJ Sassy (UK) 2006

just to name a few.









Download Presskit DJ Mikey Moran