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Justen grew up in the island of Gods, otherwise known as Bali (Indonesia). He started his DJ career not so long ago, in 2004 and has progressed and become quickly well-known throughout the years. Justen’s childhood was always surrounded by a lot of tourism, with many different kinds of society groups from all over the world, leading to a major influence in his taste for music.

After growing up in Bali for many years, he became a member of Trigger Production in 2007 and decided to finally move to Jakarta (Indonesia) in early 2008. He has settled in Jakarta ever since.

Justeen has shared the decks with many big names from all over the world such as DJ Niros (USA), DJ Ollie Flip (Singapore), DJ Fadi (Sweden), DJ Kai (Singapore), DJ Crusador (Sydney), DJ Malik Leomax (Wasington DC), DJ XLP (Sydney), DJ Mike Hyper (Sydney), DJ Gold Digger (UK). DJ Lazy Bones (Japan), DJ Shortee Blitz (UK), DJ Cash Money, DJ Cza (Malaysia), DJ/MC/Producer Good Grip (Nederland), DJ Yasmin Le Bon (Nederland) and many more. He has also shared the decks with the best local DJs from Bali and Jakarta rockin the crowds like there’s no tomorrow.


  • Mbargo, Bali 2006 – 2008
  • Public, Jakarta 2008 – 2010


  • Blowfish Kitchen & Bar, Jakarta. August 2010 – till now


  • Opening of Pesto Autentico
  • New Years Party at Cork & Screw
  • Garage Love EX Anniversary
  • Grand Launching Tag Heuer
  • Blowfish ware house


    Dragonfly, Immigrant, Indochine, Equinox, Bibliteque, Domain, Centro, Stadium, Pure, Embassy, Vertigo, Xlounge, 9clouds
    Embassy, Mansion, Legacy
  • YOGYA:
    Hugos, Boshe, Liquid
    360, Coyote, Colours
  • BALI:
    66, Dejavu, Hard Rock Café, The Stones, Kamasutra, Blue Eyes, Ocean 27
  • BATAM:
    No Name

Download Presskit DJ Justeen