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Pics from Trigger’s Electrocute @ Fable, JKT

Bringing back Electro from 2006-2008, at first it seemed like it wasn’t going to be a hit. We were trying to gather up crews from the Public Era which was a club back in Taman Ria Rasuna next to Embassy where Me, Stan, Justeen, David J and a few others have been residents. This was the time when Electro remixes for tracks were at their prime… We’re talking The Drill, Tell Me Why, Trentemoller – What Else Is There, The Fruit, all those classic tracks made your bootay move.

Well this was it, bringing it all back in 2012, and it was a major success. Everyone came from from the ol skool crew to the new and boogied the night away. The DJs were Stan, Izl, Mikey and Flip dropping all kinds of dancefloor anthems and we kept it to the theme. Hopefully more nights like this will happen. Here are some of the pics from the night… Enjoy…

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