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Juicy Nov 2012 Pic Gallery

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Posted on November 20, 2012 by admin @ 11:05 PM

Here are some pics from the November Edition of Juicy in Immigrant Jakarta. As usual we got Izl, Baip, Ahkdan, Stan, Ethnic, Kotot and MC Gvoiz rocking the scene. Check it out!

Superstar Oct 2012 Pics

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Posted on November 11, 2012 by admin @ 12:00 PM

Superstar was back for another edition in October 2012. We had Stan and Mikey on the decks and MC Dave Slick doing their his thing. As always, it was a rocking night with Superstar gimmicks that made history like they always do. Check out some pics from the night here:

Electrocute Oct 2012 Pic Gallery

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Posted on by admin @ 11:52 AM

Electrocute was back on October 2012… a special edition brought to you by Trigger Production to bring back the era of electro from 2006-2008, music that we loved to hear around that time… Here are some pics from the night… As usual we had Izl, Flip, Stan and Mikey rock the night

Superstar @ Domain Sept 2012 Pics

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Posted on October 1, 2012 by admin @ 10:31 PM

With DJ Alvaro performing on Friday Sept 28th, we pushed Superstar to a Saturday, first time ever since the first original Superstar in February… Stan and Mikey killed the decks with the help of MC Dave Slick on the mic. The crowd was rocking and it was yet another memorable one. Stay tune to the […]

Housemate @ Immigrant Sept 2012 Pic Gallery

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Posted on by admin @ 8:43 PM

Another edition of Housemate immigrant with DJ Mikey, Stan, Izl, Ahkdan and MC Gvoiz where we celebrated Izl’s and Gvoiz’s 30th bday. Housemate is our monthly and bi-monthly event at Immigrant Jakarta where Trigger Production kills it in the house / electro department. Be sure to tune into Trigger Prod’s website to see when the […]

Juicy Sept 2012 Pic Gallery


Another epic event from Trigger’s monthly Juicy’s at Immigrant Jakarta. Featuring our very own Stan, Izl, Baip and Ahkdan dropping tunes and Gvoiz on the mic. Everyone always has a good time during these events and we in Trigger always love the support. Thank you and see you again next month.

Trigger / Immigrant HOUSEMATE July 2012 Pics


Another immigrant sesh with HOUSEMATE… Trigger pulled it off together with the usual crew Flip opening, Mikey in prime time and Izl ending it. This was a challenging night as it was the last friday before Puasa so there were so many events in all the different clubs around Jtown… but we kept it together […]

Juicy 2nd Anniversary @ Immigrant, JKT July 2012 Pics


Juicy is back with another one… and it was an epic celebration for the 2nd anniversary of Juicy from Trigger Production. A full line up with Izl, Stan, Baip, Ahkdan and special guest Mike Hyper from Sydney Australia and not forgetting MCs Gvoiz and Mistah on the mics rocking the crowd… the place was packed […]

Superstar White Party Edition June 2012 Pictures


So here we are, against all odds from so many events happening in the same night, we have the white party. Covered Domain with UV lights, had some hollywood gimmicks such as the backdrop, glowsticks, glasses, etc, Trigger and Domain organized what was one of the best white parties ever. With DJs Stan and Mikey […]

Pics from Trigger’s Electrocute @ Fable, JKT


Bringing back Electro from 2006-2008, at first it seemed like it wasn’t going to be a hit. We were trying to gather up crews from the Public Era which was a club back in Taman Ria Rasuna next to Embassy where Me, Stan, Justeen, David J and a few others have been residents. This was […]

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