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Nicky “Goodgrip” Rijnders and Adri “BangBeats” Lubis grew up in the same neighborhood and met each other when they were 4 years old as their parents were close friends. They both developed a passion for music which gradually grew to an obsession.

Goodgrip, known for his work as an exclusive MC for some of the biggest House DJ’s in the industry such as Quintino and Laidback Luke, found his way to the stage at a very young age. He was only 16 when was offered the lead vocal for Laidback Luke’s hit song “Rocking with the best” which became a club-banger shortly after being released in 2001. Over time, Goodgrip started to develop a more serious interest in DJ-ing and producing music. At the age of 21 he was offered his first DJ gig at Club Sinners, Amsterdam which can be seen as the official start of his DJ career. Today, after MC-ing and DJ-ing alongside the biggest names of the industry, Goodgrip is one of the most well-known versatile DJ’s around with gigs all over the world.

Adri is commonly known as ‘Abang’ meaning ‘big brother’ in his native language Bahasa Indonesia. His passion for music started when he learned to play the guitar at a young age and eventually evolved to a fascination with creating melodies and rhythms. The purchase of his first AKAI MPC lifted this fascination to the next level which got him hooked on making beats, thus the name BangBeats was born. It didn’t take long before both his name and beats spread among rappers and musicians in The Netherlands.

Although being born and raised in the Netherlands they both had a huge desire to live and work in the country where their parents were born, Indonesia. After traveling back and forth to Indonesia for his DJ gigs, Goodgrip decided to make the beautiful island of Bali his home-base. Seeing his childhood friends moving to their motherland, BangBeats took the leap some time later in pursuit of their long kept dream. Nowadays, Jakarta is the city he calls home and is back in the studio creating new music for both Dutch and Indonesian artists.

Growing up in the same neighborhood, sharing the same passion and being reunited again in Indonesia; it seems they were destined to create something big together. Hence, it wasn’t long after meeting up in a recording studio that they decided to form a duo and work on an album.

Though being born in Amsterdam, The Netherlands but having parents from a foreign country, in the eyes of many, one is never really considered as a true Dutchman. Simultaneously, though your parents roots are Indonesian but being born and raised in The Netherlands, ‘natives’ will always look at you differently, as someone from ‘outside’. This phenomenon often makes one feel like a stranger in both countries, but at the same time feeling a strong connection to both places. Reflecting on their tale, the obvious name for their collaboration became evident… bringing best of both worlds together: Foreign Roots was born…

‘Foreign Roots’ are not EDM, Hip Hop, Pop, Soul nor Funk. ‘Foreign Roots’ transform sounds from the world and melodize it into ear-pleasuring tracks, whatever genre one may call it. Expect the unexpected from this unique duo as they step behind the decks to rock the crowd with revolutionary tunes!

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Download Presskit Foreign Roots